Turn Router into a wifi or wireless client


Wireless router is intended to broadcast wireless signal to clients such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, etc. however, most routers can work the other way around. Yes, it can work as wifi or wireless client to, receiving signals and act like a wireless adapter for your desktop pc, laptops, and other devices that has LAN access port (Ethernet). Of course, adding functionality means tweaking router’s configuration or system. Most of the manufacturer’s firmware disables this function.


  1. Flash the router with tomato firmware
  2. Logon to your router’s UI by going to (this vary from router to router, mostly this information is available at the back of your router. You may also have to set your computer’s ip address to to access the UI)
  3. In your WAN and LAN Settings:
WAN / Internet


Router is, you can usually use the default value
Automatic From Dhcp will use router as the DNS. Manual DNS will use specified DNS-servers

Set a LAN IP address that is not on the same subnet as your primary (host) router. For example, if your host router’s IP address is, then you might assign the client router or

  1. in your router’s UI, navigate to Basic>>Network

Enter wireless/wifi credentials

  • Wireless Mode: Wireless Client
  • Interface: WAN
  • Wireless Network Mode: Automatic
  • SSID: Enter any available wifi/wireless network 
  • Channel: Channel where your wifi/wireless network is                             broadcast at.
  • Security: Enter whatever security type the network is                             using (commonly Wpa/wpa2 Personal)
  • Encryption: Select the correct encryption (Usually                                           TKIP/AES)
  • Shared Key: Password
  • Group Key Renewal: 3600


This will make your router capture a wifi/wireless signal from a host and transmit it to your computer via LAN (ethernet).






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