UIS is an abbreviation of Ulycomm Innovation Systems, registered as a business under proprietorship in January 2006 by Ulysses Nemeno. Also, founder of Ulycomm Innovation Systems Co., Ltd., a Domestic Limited Partnership in the Philippines, and Ulycomm Computer Systems Inc, a domestic corporation in Georgia, USA. The word "Ulycomm" came from two words that symbolize the very creation of the company. "Uly" from the founder's first name Ulysses and "Comm" for Communication as the primary concentration of the business.


Ulysses Nemeno started exploring the internet during the '90s, wherein most people don't have much of an idea about what the internet is all about in the Philippines. The word, ONLINE, emphasizes the significance of how the company operates as a business through the utilization of the world wide web.

SEC Registration

Globe Telecom (Globe Business)

Third Party Agency, 2011-2013

Tomas Electrical Supply

UiS Internet Center, 2007

Ulycomm Computer Systems Corp.

Ulycomm Computer Sales & Services, 2006